Forecast for Saturday, June 24, 2017

Today’s record is 113 and we’ll be close!  Drier air has moved in with high pressure restrengthening over our heads means another hot day.  EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING fixin’ to come to and end tomorrow night and good riddance!  Moisture on the increase tomorrow into Monday with a few storms about, hopefully one or two near you.  Then high pressure weakening and moving off giving way to a westerly flow that will dry us out and knock our temperatures closer to average for this time of year (102).  Looks like a surge of moisture after next weekend.  Stay tuned!

Mostly sunny and hot today with a high near 112.

Partly cloudy tonight with a low in the low 80s.

A chance for afternoon and evening storms tomorrow with a high near 110ish anyone?  Chance for storms Monday 107.  Slight chance for storms Tuesday 106.  Slight chance for storms Wednesday 104.  Sunny Thursday 102.  104 Friday.

Forecast for Friday, June 23, 2017

High pressure losing a little more steam today but still rather hot with an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING in effect through Sunday.  High pressure restrengthens this weekend for hotter highs back near 110, but moisture on the increase as well.  Monsoon 2017 still warming up so we won’t be in the deep moisture for locally heavy rain or anything like that.  More like a chance for storms with more gusty winds and lightning than rain.  Someone’s is gonna get rained on.  Might as well be you!  Thunderstorm chances continue through Wednesday and we “cool” as we go.  Drier by the end of next week.  Enjoy!

Sunny today with a high near 108.

Mostly clear tonight with a low near 82.

Mostly sunny and hot tomorrow with a high near 110ish anyone?  110ish again Sunday with a few thunderstorms around.  Chance of storms Monday through Wednesday with highs near 108, 106 and 104 respectively.   Sunny Thursday 103.

Forecast for Thursday, June 22, 2017

EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING continues to continue through Sunday, but the end is neigh!  High pressure moving off opening the door for storm chances starting Sunday into next week!!!  Viva Monsoon 2017!

Sunny today with a high near 110.

Clear tonight with a low near 80.

Sunny tomorrow with a high near 108.  110ish anyone? Saturday.  Chance of storms Sunday 109.  Chance of storms Monday 107.  Mostly sunny Tuesday 105.  Slight chance for storms Wednesday 103.


Forecast for Wednesday, June 21, 2017

One more day of record heat and then we “cool” a bit as we head towards the weekend.  You know.  If you can call 108 and 110 “cooling”, but considering yesterday was 116 I guess we can!  The EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING has been extended through Sunday, but that should be the extent of it.  Some moisture still hanging around today but it looks like the best chance of a few storms will be to our east.  We may get some of the gusty outflow winds this evening.  Moisture on the increase next week and temperatures cooling some more.  Looks like Monsoon 2017 is getting warmed up!

Mostly sunny today with a record high of 114.  The soon to be old record is 112 set in 1988 and hit again in 1990.

Partly cloudy tonight with a low in the low 80s.

Mostly sunny tomorrow near 110.  Sunny 108ish Friday.  110ish anyone? Saturday.  A chance for storms Sunday near 110.  A chance for storms Monday 107.  A chance for storms Tuesday 106.

Forecast for Tuesday, June 20, 2017

115 yesterday tied the record high set last year.  EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING still in effect through Saturday evening.  Today looks very interesting.  Very hot and very interesting.  First we have leftover clouds (mmm leftovers) from yesterday’s shower activity to our east along with an increase in moisture.  As a result of the cloud cover overnight we are starting the day at a balmy 88 – 90 degrees.  Yikes!  It’s not like we need a head start on this afternoon’s expected record high of 114.  A few thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening with that moisture increase.  Any storms will have more wind and lightning than rain, but someone could get a nice shower.  Otherwise gusty winds near storms and lightning that could cause fires.  Good times.  The heat continues tomorrow near 114 and another record.  Then some hope in sight.  111ish Thursday.  Only 110 Friday!  111 Saturday.  Chance for storms Sunday 110.  Chance for storms Monday 108.

Today’s forecast – 114, Record – 112
Tomorrow – 114, Record – 112
Thursday – 111, Record – 114