Monthly Archives: March 2017

Forecast for Friday, March 31, 2017

March came in like a lamb and sure enough it is going out like a lion.  I mean it could be worse, but kinda like a lion.  Relatively speaking.  Cold front blowing through this morning with a few light rain showers (half the calories of our regular rain showers) and much cooler.  Once the rain clears this morning we should see clearing skies and increasing winds.  So much so that the National Weather Service has issued a RED FLAG WARNING for this afternoon and evening.  If you smoke, please for the love of all that is right and good, keep your butts in the car!  Also be careful if you are planning on setting stuff on fire.  A little disturbance in the force moves down the backside of the low that is missing us to the north and east.  That will give us a slight chance for showers tonight and a slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow.  Hopefully near you!  Then our old pal high pressure returns bringing it’s fair weather friends with him.  Warming up into next week.  Enjoy!

A chance for some light showers this morning becoming sunny this afternoon with west winds 10-20 mph and gusty.  Today’s high in the upper 60s.

Partly cloudy tonight with a slight chance for showers after midnight and a low near 42.

Mostly sunny tomorrow with a slight chance for isolated thunderstorms and a high near 70.

Sunny Sunday 78.  Low 80s Monday and Tuesday.  Mid 80s Wednesday.  Near 90 Thursday.

Forecast for Thursday, March 30, 2017

If you have hatches, batten them down.  Good day to fly a kite, or be a kite!  OK, it won’t be quite that bad.  Our next storm is moving into the Great Basin toward northern Arizona.  While it won’t hit us directly the affects will be felt.  Wind.  Cooler temperatures.  There is one computer model that is saying we might see some light rain as the front moves through in the early morning hours tomorrow while the rest of the models are saying nope.  High and dry.  So we won’t mention it.  After the cool down tomorrow and Saturday we start to warm back up as high pressure builds back in.  More breezes and cooler later next week and continued dry.  Stay tuned.

Sunny and breezy today with west southwest winds 10-20 mph gusting to near 25 and a high near 85.

Breezy tonight with southwest winds 10-20 mph gusting to near 30 and a low near 52.

Breezy tomorrow with northwest winds 10-20 mph gusting to near 30 and a high in the high 60s.

Sunny Saturday 72.  Near 80 Sunday.  Low 80s Monday.  Upper 70s Tuesday.  Near 80 Wednesday.

Forecast for Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A quick warm up between systems today and tomorrow.  Then as our next storm misses us to the north we’ll pick up the winds and drop the temperature for Friday.  Warmer again for the weekend, particularly Sunday into next week.  Enjoy!

Sunny today with a high near 78.

Clear skies tonight with a low near 50.

Sunny tomorrow mid 80s.  Breezy and cooler Friday low 70s.  Mid 70s Saturday.  Near 80 Sunday.  Low 80s Monday.  Upper 70s Tuesday.

Forecast for Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Imagine my surprise when I went out this morning just before 5:00 for a few puffs of a cigar and sat down on a wet chair!  That wasn’t suppose to happen.  An area of showers and thunderstorms moved through early this morning along with a cold front.  The showers have moved east and skies are clearing now.  We’ll end up with sunny skies today and windy behind the front.  A RED FLAG WARNING has been issued today for high fire danger although you have to think that this morning’s rain will help alleviate that at least some.  If anyone sees a red flag please let me know.  Of all the RED FLAG WARNINGS I have passed on in my career I have yet to see one.  Winds gusting over 30 mph by this afternoon and about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday.  A fast brief warm up tomorrow and Thursday.  Then another system misses us to the north.  We should (should) remain dry and cool off a bit with more breezes Friday and Saturday.  Stay tuned!

Becoming sunny this morning and breezy this afternoon with west northwest winds 15-25 mph gusting over 30 and a high in the low 70s.

Winds relaxing tonight with clear skies and a low in the mid 40s.

Sunny tomorrow with a high in the upper 70s.

Sunny Thursday mid 80s.  Breezy Friday mid 70s.  Low 70s Saturday.  Upper 70s Sunday.  Near 80 Monday.

Forecast for Monday, March 27, 2017

A system missing us to the north will bring some gusty winds especially tomorrow but it looks like we stay dry.  Cooler tomorrow too with a quick rebound Wednesday and Thursday.  Then we repeat the process as we head into the weekend.  Enjoy!

Mostly sunny today with west breezes 5-15 mph and a high near 81.

Partly cloudy skies tonight with a low near 50.

Breezy and cooler tomorrow with west northwest winds 15-20 mph and gusty and a high near 72.

Sunny Wednesday upper 70s.  Mid 80s Thursday.  Mid 70s Friday.  Low 70s Saturday.  Mid 70s Sunday.