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Forecast for Friday, April 21, 2017

It’s Friiiiiiidaaaaay!  Here comes the weekend and here comes the heat.  Nuthin’ but Sun, but I’m leaving faint high clouds in the forecast graphic for possible sunrise and sunset enhancement because I’m optimistic like that.  Breezy by mid next week and cooling off some but we remain above average for this time of year.  Of course you are above average!  You read, like and share the Tucson Weather everyday!  Make it a great one!

Sunny today with a high in the low to mid 90s and a NW breeze 5-15 mph.

Clear skies tonight with a low near 60.

Sunny tomorrow with a high in the mid 90s.  Upper 90s Sunday.  Mid 90s Monday.  Low 90s Tuesday.  Breezy Wednesday and Thursday with highs near 90 and the upper 80s respectively.