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Rainfall Amounts for May 4, 2015

Thanx to the folks at RainLog.org.  Here is a screen shot of rainfall amounts around town.


April 26, 2015 Rainfall Amounts

Courtesy of RainLog.org.  About a quarter of an inch here at the apartment here in Oro Valley.  Tucson International picked up .16″


"Average" Monsoon in Tucson, or was it?

Monsoon ended on Sunday, September 30th and the preliminary numbers are in.  We did pretty good this year!  Nogales, Sierra Vista and Wilcox particularly had a good year as depicted in this handy graph from the informative folks at the Tucson Office of the National Weather Service.

You may also have noticed that the Tucson International Airport finished just .06″ below normal for Monsoon 2012, or effectively right at average.  The problem is (as George Carlin pointed out) nobody lives at the airport!  Looking at cooperative observer reports as reported to RainLog.org we see a slightly different story.  Many locations around town finished Monsoon 2012 above average and some locations much above!  Here are screen grabs for June, July, August and September.

Let’s take Continental Ranch as one example with monthly totals of .82″ + 3.76″ + 2.02″ + .52″ = 7.12″ or about an inch more than the Tucson International Airport.   One of the big winners this Monsoon was Oro Valley.  Picking just one location there we have monthly totals of .00″ + 5.87″ + 2.19″ + .95″ for a total of 9.01″.  These particular screen grabs don’t include Rancho Vistoso which saw similar totals this past Summer.  Let’s look east to near Houghton and Broadway.  Their monthly totals are .01″ + 3.00″ + 2.23″ + 1.80″ = 7.04″, about an inch more than the airport.  The center of town didn’t fair as well.  Near Speedway and Tucson Blvd. for example, monthly totals of .13″ + 2.69″ + 3.10″ + .73″ = 6.65″ bur still more than a half inch more than the airport.

You’ll have to go to RainLog.org and check the monthly totals for your neighborhood.  While not everyone was above the Tucson International Airport’s Monsoon total of 6.02″, most were.  We went into Monsoon 2.44″ below average for the year (see the June 15th Almanac) and a few locations made up that deficit, although many are still a bit below for the yearly average.  With El Nino starting a comeback we can be hopeful that the Winter will be on the rainy side to keep making progress against our moderate drought in SE Arizona.

September 2, 2012 Rain

I was at friends in the Foothills enjoying some great food and company when the storm hit.  It came down good for a good half hour with some festive lightning and the accompanying thunder.  Also some gusty winds, but nothing serious.  Just a nice Labor Day weekend downpour.  According to cooperative observers reporting to RainLog.org the Foothills picked up around a half inch to an inch of rain.  Parts of Oro Valley also got in on the action with a quarter to three quarters of an inch falling.  Other places picked up some rain too as you can see from the screen shot below.  Scattered storms possible this afternoon and evening and an even better chance of storms tomorrow and Wednesday.  Monsoon 2012 isn’t through yet!

Rainfall Totals for Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mostly sparse.  The big winner was almost a half inch on Linda Vista near Hartman Road in Marana.  Catalina and the north side of Oro Valley not too far behind with abut 1/3 of an inch.  Also 1 to 2 tenths fell near Vail.  Otherwise just some sprinkles.  Today and tonight should be better, but there are no guarantees in this life.  Here’s a look at the metro rain thanx to RainLog.org

Rain Totals

Good Soaking for Some on August 14, 2012

Some slow moving storms drifted off the Catalina’s last night and put the good in good soaking!  More Monsoon heavy rain late this afternoon into tonight, hopefully near you.  Here are last night’s totals from RainLog.org.

Mid August Rain

Early August Rains, 5th and 6th totals

Sunday, August 5th had the most widespread rainfall across the Metro with areas near the airport getting the least.  The airport was skipped again last night, but Marana and Oro Valley scored decent rains in the evening and then again later in the night.  We picked up about a quarter inch of an intense shower here at the apartment in southern Oro Valley last night for a two day total near an inch.  Here are all of the two day totals around town as reported from the cooperative observers at RainLog.org

July 8, 2012 Rainfall

Only a few locations seeing rain yesterday and the big winner is just over 1/2 inch near Pima Canyon.  Thankfully for me that is just a mile from my apartment where we got a decent downpour.  Scattered storms in the forecast all week, especially the second half of the week.  Here is a screen shot from RainLog.org.

Flooding Rains and Fireworks!

What an amazing day the 4th of July, 2012 was.  .78″ of rain fell at the Tucson International Airport which was a new record.  Also flooding rains fell in some places around Tucson, especially in Oro Valley where 2″ to over 3″ of rain fell!  Here are the rain totals from around the area for the 4th courtesy of RainLog.org:

Now add in the rain from the 3rd of July and here is what we see for the two day totals:

Then add in the totals for June where we see along and west of I-10 picked up decent early Monsoon rains.

All together all of us are off to a great start to the Monsoon!

Early Monsoon 2012 Rain Totals

Second day of the Monsoon and we hit pay dirt!  The airport reported .29″ which is a new record!  The rest of us, well, as with most active Monsoon days your amount may vary.  Anywhere from a couple hundredths to over 2.00 inches!  Here are the numbers as reported by RainLog.org:

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