Forecast for Friday, October 13, 2017

It’s Friiiiidaaaaay!!! the 13!

No worries. Monday the 13th would be much worser. The weather remains pleasant enough if not kinda hot. High pressure south and east and low pressure well to the north has us in a persistent westerly flow keeping us high and dry. Good news on the distant horizon. Perhaps a storm system next weekend will bring a change. Cooler by the end of next week even if we don’t get rain. Until then more of the same. Stay tuned!

Sunny and warm through the weekend with highs in the mid 90s. Monday and Tuesday too. Sunny Wednesday low 90s. Upper 80s Thursday.

Forecast for Thursday, October 12, 2017

97 yesterday. Ugh. A bit cooler as we head into the weekend with storms well to our north. Still well above our average of 86 for this time of year. Lows back in the mid 50s by Saturday which is actually cooler than the average of 59. Warming back up starting Sunday into next week. There are a couple of TV job openings in Anchorage, Alaska. I’m thinking about it 🙂

Mid 90s today. Low 90s tomorrow. Near 90 Saturday. Mid 90s Sunday and Monday. Low 90s Tuesday and Wednesday.

Forecast for Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Some gusty east winds today relaxing by evening and warm with a high near 95. A storm missing us well to the north (My family in Oregon is expecting rain and mountain snow. Shocker!) will cool us off a few degrees. Lows a little below the average of 60 for this time of year. Highs above the average of 87 for this time of year and still bone dry. Low 90s Thursday through Tuesday with tons of Sun (you know, except at night).

Forecast for Monday, October 9, 2017

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 14-hundred and 92. Happy Columbus Day Observed and Canadian Thanksgiving eh! I like to eat Italian food on Columbus Day, but then again I’m half Italian. I like to eat Italian food everyday! Breezes of change today as a trough of low pressure to our north will bring us some cooler air for today and tomorrow. High pressure builds back in mid week for a warm up back into the mid 90s. Then slightly cooler by the weekend.

Sunny and just a little bit breezy today with SE winds 5-15 mph. High in the upper 80s.

Clear tonight with a low in the mid 50s.

Sunny and a bit breezy tomorrow with ESE winds 5-15 mph and gusty and a high in the upper 80s. Sunny mid 90s Wednesday. Low 90s Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Near 90 Sunday.